About Lesley Stevens, owner of Dahlia Skin Boutique 

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Lesley entered the spa industry fourteen years ago, after graduating from the University of Maryland with a Bachelor of Science in Biology. For more than eleven of those years she has been an esthetician after completing the Washington State Cosmetology Apprenticeship Program and earning her license in Esthetics.

Lesley’s passion is the science and art of skin care, and she approaches it with vibrancy and enthusiasm. The opportunity to talk with and educate clients about how to care for their skin is so exciting to her. She loves being able to spend time both before and after each wax service or facial treatment helping guests understand the best ways to obtain the skin they desire and deserve. She also enjoys that her work allows her meet new people, learn their story, and start developing relationships.

She is in love with her profession, and feels so lucky to be so excited to come to work every day. Her love of science and the beauty and intricacy of the body has always been clear, however she was unsure of a career path that would utilize these talents until she found esthetics. Lesley, realized the importance of excellent customer service very early on and esthetics has allowed her to develop her interests and talents to their fullest in her service to her clients.

Lesley is an energetic, passionate person who gives her all to the people close to her; her daughter who brings joy and comedy into her life and a loving, supportive husband. Her free time is spent doing yoga and going to the spa, of course! She also loves spending time with friends and family, reading, and eating a good meal with good wine.

She believes deeply that our communities are what we make them and has been active in the past in creating opportunities to help those in financial need.  In the near future she hopes to be out there, continuing to do all that she can to help those in our community. 


About Marissa Kearney, Guest Experience Manager

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Marissa has worked in the spa industry since 2014 and loves to focus on healthy skin care. Her own skin care journey started at a young age with teen acne and is continually evolving; that being said, having gone through trials and tribulations with her skin the education she has been given by service providers has been astronomical in her skins positive changes. Marissa enjoys sharing this knowledge and educating others on what products and services will be the most beneficial to achieve the results they are seeking, and creating a peaceful space for wellness for all to enjoy!

When she is not at the spa you can find her anywhere with good food and drinks, with family and friends or enjoying time with her two dogs Ellie and Riggs. Marissa is excited to be apart of the Dahlia Skin family and ready to meet you all, so stop by and say hello!


About Amber Stewart, Esthetician at Dahlia Skin Boutique

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Amber’s esthetic journey began in 2005 when she was on the receiving end of the treatment table. With each successive visit curiosity for the industry began to grow. Before she knew it she was enrolled in the Esthetics program at The Euro Institute of Skincare in Renton, WA. Her new career was beginning to take shape. After graduating in the Spring of 2009 she took my first job shortly thereafter.

From the very beginning Amber has always had a propensity for learning new skills. Now, she is able to return that passion to you. Educating lovely clients as the journey progresses. Skin is a complex organ that can vary vastly from person to person. As a professional, she loves to put the pieces of the puzzle together to nurture each individuals skin and give you the complexion you desire. She is very passionate about cultivating a positive relationship between clients and their skin.

During this journey, almost a decade in the making, Amber has come to know that being in the beauty industry is not about vanity. It is about helping people showcase their natural features. Whether it be sculpting your eyebrows into that perfect arch, tinting and curling your eyelashes to save some time in the morning routine, or working to educate the masses on how to achieve that perfect glowing complexion. Amber would love to assist you in putting your best self out there.


About Aliyah Cabrera, Esthetician at Dahlia Skin Boutique

Aliyah started her esthetics journey at West Sound Technical Skills Center during her senior year of high school. Struggling with acne all throughout her teen years, Aliyah began to feel extremely hopeless and ashamed of her own skin. It only seemed fitting that she jumped at the chance to take a course in esthetics. Learning about the skin and it’s complexity intrigued her most and drove her interest further. Aliyah loves to cater her style, skills and knowledge to each and every person she meets, in the hopes of helping someone who felt the same as her improve their skin's health and appearance.

Esthetics has also sparked Aliyah’s creative abilities through makeup artistry. She has been doing makeup for 5 years and each face she touches is different, a new canvas for her to paint. The versatility, being able to try different looks and enhance one’s natural beauty are some of her favorite aspects of makeup. Making someone feel beautiful in their own skin is the most rewarding part for her. Both skin care and makeup


About Josh Jenkins, Massage Therapist at Dahlia Skin Boutique

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Josh graduated from Everett Alvarez High School in Salinas, California in 1999. That summer he started his first class beginning his massage therapist journey. He realized then that massage was something that he was meant for. After moving to Bremerton, Washington in 2007 he worked in retail until graduating from Everest College Massage program in 2011. Since then, Josh has worked as a certified massage practitioner in both the clinical and spa settings-enjoying them equaling and incorporating a blend of therapeutic and structural techniques to help clients maintain prolonged comfort both during and after their massage session. Josh believes in the power of massage as well as good physical fitness practices, and it is his intent to become personal trainer in the near future to help further his clients knowledge of how to relax and live healthier lives.

In his off-time he enjoys spending time with his three young boys. All of whom are both a handful and the source of his happiness in one! He also enjoys yard work and has recently started a few bonsai plants which are very relaxing. Josh looks forward to sharing his passion for bodywork with you all!


About Erica Oreszko, Esthetician at Dahlia Skin Boutique

Erica's interest in the science of the human body began in high-school. Discovering how the body works, combined with her love for skin care created the perfect foundation to begin her esthetic journey. Erica started her career at Summit Salon academy in Tacoma, WA and is taking the industry by storm after graduating early 2019. She is passionate about educating clients on the importance of skin care both in-spa professionally and at-home while helping them gain confidence. What Erica love's most about the industry is that there is always something new, whether it be technology, product, or technique, it allows the opportunity to give her clients the best experience possible. For that reason, continuing her education is high on the priority list for Erica, "I always want to keep learning and growing in this profession." Her goal with every client, is to give them undivided attention to create a tailored, results-driven plan with an end result being healthier skin and continued maintenance. Erica is very excited to be apart of the Dahlia team and is ready to meet you!


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